Banjo History And Its Players'In The 20th Century

This next section deals with a summarization of banjo history from the early 1900s to present day. Its no way a complete record, but one that highlights many of the most well known players, and shapers of the banjos destiny.
If you want to learn more about the players and history on the bottom of each page is a link to the More About Page. Every resource used in researching this document and many that were not is listed there to help you gather more specific information. Reading all the links posted on the More About page will certainly be worth the time of the banjo enthusiast. As mentioned this record is a summary and very incomplete of all the donations to the music and instrument.
There are sound clips for most of the players. These sound clips are short 8 to 30 seconds in length in a glossy format to help the download times faster. For Vess Ossmans clip you will need Real Player, all other clips are in wav or au format. For almost every mentioned player I included a discography link on the More About Page. If you enjoy the work of these men I strongly encourage the purchase of their work from the listed lables.

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Early Groundbreakers In The 20th Century Vess Ossman, and a link to bio on Fred Van Epps
Groundbreakers In The 20th CenturyUncle Dave Macon, Snuffy Jenkins
Bluegrass Is Born Bill Monroe
Other Banjo Music Tenor Banjos, Plectrums, Eddie Peabody
Folk Music And Banjos Folk Music. Pete Seeger
The Man Who Changed Banjo Playing Earl Scruggs
Other Early Contributors Don Reno, Ralph Stanley
TV And Movies Influences Dillards, Scruggs, Clark, Jones, Akeman, many more
New Directions Bill Keith
Today Pioneers Tony Trischka , Bela Fleck
More About Links For All Resources And Much More


To my friend Julie Ferris whos encouragement inspired me to learn html and build this banjo site.
To all the banjoists named on these pages for their remarkable work. With special thanks to all the folks at alt.banjo who helped assist with information in putting this together, this work is dedicated.