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Linus to Charlie Brown - "The way I see it, every baby born should be issued a banjo"

A big WELCOME to all visitors here at the NEW home of Basic Bluegrass Banjo. Having been forced to leave the original site Id like to pass on a big THANKS to my song co-writer and friend Julie Ferris for hosting my site, keeping it free and now AD FREE (except for my affiliaties).
Jules and I have worked together for years writing music. It was her influence that pointed me on the path of running websites.

A few years ago I noticed there wasn't alot of basic information available on banjos on the internet so I began this small website. For any folks interested in how to buy or play a banjo this site is for you.
I have also endeavored to make this a fun site for banjo enthusiasts, by collecting information on banjos from the internet and posting it together, making it easy to see whats there. And also by creating the History Of Banjo Players section, for some educational and entertainment for banjo buffs.
Though first set up primarily as a bluegrass banjo site, I have evolved somewhat as much of the information is good for those looking at other styles of playing five string banjos and four string banjos as well. There are books for both clawhammer and tenor banjos on my Banjo books page and links for clawhammer and tenor sites on the Cool Websources and Links page. I keep adding and updating links and banjo manufacturers as I discover them on the internet.
This website is set up into two major parts, the first with basic information about banjos, links, banjo manufacturers, some sample picking, a few free lessons, and a few pages with products for purchase, if you wish to buy over the internet. There are navigation arrows in this section just keep heading in one direction and you will end back up here.

The second part is a document I call, History of Banjo Players In The 20th Century. That section tells about many of the major banjo players, in all genres during the last century. It includes, pictures, sound clips and short bios. It is not a complete record but I do try to cover the major players of the 20th century. Additionally there is a page at the end for the resources used in assembling that information, which should be of interest to all banjoists and people who enjoy banjos. It also includes discographys of all the players mentioned in that section. This section also has navigation tools on each page, but to return to this main page you must return to the main index page of that section to access a link back here.
This site also has a few feature pages. Wayne Normans list of Asian imports, is a list of about a differant names, used on banjos made by the same two or three manufacturers in Asia. And an excellant couple pages from my buddy Mike Stanger on How To Sell A Banjo, should you find one in the closet and desire to estimate its worth. Mike gives you the method used to evaluate a banjo and there are links on those pages to lead you to consulting experts.
For the very newest banjo enthusiasts, start at the How To Buy A Banjo page and use the navigation buttons and meander all you wish.
I am happy to answer questions or comments you may have, you can email me by clicking on the button to the left. Also on the Websources and Cool Links Page is a list of newsgroups you can post questions about anything banjo related and get a consensus of beginner to pros in the field. Im partial to the good folks at Alt.Banjo who have helped as a resource in gathering information on this site.

You may wish to bookmark my websources and links page before you leave. I update it frequently. Many great resources, banjo makers, publications you can access over the web, links to links, newsgroups to visit, lots of stuff there. If you're looking to find old time music and bluegrass on the web, make sure to visit some of the Real Audio websites I have listed you won't be disappointed.

NEW ADDITIONS to this site include a page on banjo great Vess Ossman in the History section. Included in that page is a link to a great bio on Fred Van Eps. Both of these men were giants in their field.
I have also added 2 pages exclusively for Banjo Instruction Books available for purchase over the net. These books are for all types of banjos, styles and skill levels that you can purchase over the net.
And as always I try to keep my Links and Banjo Manufacturers Pages Updated

I hope you enjoy this site, come back often. I'll continue to update and add new things as I find it.

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