Got this letter from Mike Stanger,

Here's a little auditory treat for ya... I got this from my friend Yigal Zan, Yigal used to post to alt.banjo once in a while, and still lurks there regularly, but seldom posts to it anymore. He is one of the most interesting people I have met on the net.
Yigal Zan has been playing and teaching the 5-string banjo since the early sixties. Yigal is an Israeli who attended UCLA, and now resides on Guam.

The tune"Frosty Morning", is an old traditional tune played in G modal on a 1893 S.S. Stewart Orchestra model. He gave permission for you to use it on your site if you want to.

Well Of course I wanted too !! Hope a few more of you will share you banjo playing as well.