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I intend to add a few more tunes as I have time. The first one an instrumental, is a combination of two long time traditional songs, long in public domain. Cripple Creek and Banjo in the Hollow.
I am playing all the instruments in these songs. The second song, with vocals and yes its me doing them all, is a new one, I wrote the music for it. Although it doesnt highlight the banjo, its a nice bluegrass song none the less. The words were penned by Julie Ferris. And the last one for now is called Boil Them Cabbages, you can tap your foot to my mediocre Fiddling on this piece.

In order to listen to this music or hear instructions for the lessons I offer, you must have real player G2 installed on your computer. Real is a free plug in. Its used at thousands of websites for both audio and video presentations. It allows me to compress a wav file of 30 megs to less than 500 kb and stream it on this site so you hear the music virtualy instantly. Of course being shrunk tremendously dimishes the quality greatly, but the trade off is worth it. Its the best available way of sampling large sound files currently. You can get a free copy of it by clicking here.

Cripple Creek / Banjo in the Hollow Traditional
Just Between the Strings and Me Original Music
Boil Them CabbagesTraditional
Lorena Popular Civil War Era Song

Hear Others Pickin

A tune by Hank Schwartz . Hank plays clawhammer style, which I also enjoy listening too. For banjo solo work I think the clawhammer style is actually a better style to listen to then Scruggs. However I think the Scruggs style is better suited in bluegrass bands than clawhammer, just my opinion. I dont expect everyone to agree. I enjoy listening to all styles.
Heres some of Hanks work, he does a great job.

Dylans CindyTraditional

A couple tunes by my pal from Idaho, Mike Stanger playin his Ode banjo. Very good pickin and fun to listen too. Mike has a great touch on this banjo. These are his original tunes as well.

Friday Night Cotillion

A tune from Guam Banjoist Yigal Zan, done in clawhammer style on an 1893 SS Stewart

Frosty Morning