Wayne Normans'
List of Asian Banjos

One important observation: this is a list of BRANDS that have been seen, not MAKERS, as the relatively few makers would put on anybody's brand name if requested.
Hence, many are music store and distributor brands. There is usually no way to tell which manufacturer made a particular instrument, as the construction features are very similar.

This list is constantly growing. It is by no means complete, and is not guaranteed for accuracy or authentic content. I could be mistaken here and there, but it is compiled to the best of my ability. Feel free to use in any non-commercial way.

Some telltale signs: guitar open gear tuners; square to rectangular block inlays; aluminum pot with integral scalloped flange usually with 30 flat hooks; hex lug brackets; wood pot has 4 small rectangular resonator flanges; wooden armrest.

List Of Oriental Banjo Brand Names

Aida (sometimes read as Jida or Iida; the script A looks like an I or J), Abilene Alex , Alton , Alvarez , Antares, Aria, Astro, Austin, Bama, Bently, Blue Ridge, Bradley, Cameo, Carlos, Castilla, Chicago, Conqueror, Conrad, Continental, Cortez, Cortley, Crestline, Crestwood, Crown, Dean, Delta, Disco Dixon, Drifter, Eagle, Echo, EKO, Elger, Emperador, Empro, Encore, Festival, Galveston, Global, Gold Star, Halifax, Hondo, Johnson, Kasuga, Kent, Kimberly, Lero, Lotus, Madeira, Marathon, Marco Polo, Marlin, Marquis (Harmony), Matador, Matao, Melodier, Melody Plus, Montana, Morris, Nardan, Norma, Oscar Schmidt (import), Palmer, Peerless, Penco, Prarie Raven , Remco, Rhapsody , Ridgeland, Rodeo, Saga, Samick, Santa Rosa, Savannah, Savoy, Scott, Sekova, Sigma, Soverign, Springfield, St Moritz, Tele Star, Tempo Tenesy,Truetone, Trump, Tulio, Tyler Mountain, Univox, Venson, Ventura, Vine, Washburn (import), Washington, Wayne, Westminster,Yakoma

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