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Banjo Information And Music Sources

Roger Siminoff
Lots of cool info here including a great bio on Orville H Gibson along with a history of Gibson banjos, if you follow the link on Orvilles bio page

Zither Banjos
Website On This Rare Banjo

Elfshot Banjo
Website For Beginning Banjo Players

Gunter Amendts Banjo Page
A MUST SEE website for viewing the most beautiful ornamental banjos in the world

Patek Tenor Banjo
Page on 3 finger style of playing tenor banjo

History of Bluegrass
By J Pendergrass, a synopsis of Bluegrass History

Pre War Gibsons
Information and pictures of Pre War Gibson banjos

American Banjo Fraternity
ABF to perpetuate Classic Banjo 5 string style used primarily circa 1885-1915

American Banjo Makers from 1865-1945
From Mugwumps, a list of early banjo makers

Classic Banjo Resource
Learn more about the history of banjo styles from 1840 on

A Short Banjo History
A short history of the banjo from an Irish perspective, worth a look

Uncle Bens Banjo
Excellant banjo site, lots of information, chords, instructions, clawhammer, frailing and bluegrass banjo. A very cool site.

Banjo Hollow
Tonys Bluegrass Banjo page, new site with tab and instructions

Bill Palmers How to
How to set up your banjo, very informative page

Bluegrass Banjo Tab
Phillip Manns brainchild. A great site with lots of tablature, history of the banjo, and some pretty funny banjo jokes, a must see for the banjo enthusiast.

Mel Bay Products
Mels website, lots of stuff to peruse including a selection of banjo books

Terrys Banjo and Bluegrass Page
Another outstanding banjo site, lots of information here as well. Lots of information about bluegrass and banjos in the UK and eastern Europe. Another must see site.

David Marshalls Virtual Bluegrass Band
Back up midi files for you to play lead banjo along with. A great way to learn timing and fun.

Jim Borttoffs Banjo Page
Lots of songs to play along with, good banjo information for beginners. Lots of stuff here, dont miss out on it

Eric Schlanges Banjo Hangout
Website with lots of information, lessons, extensive tablature sections.

Banjo L Homepage
Banjo newsletter and discussion group, tons of info, great site to visit.

For good webbuys on sheet music visit Sheet Music Plus for your music and Musicians Friend for equipment
NEW!! Banjo items listed on Products For Purchase Page

Find a Local Music Teacher

Find a music teacher near your home
Find a Music Teacher
Zip Code

The Music Teachers List

Other Cool Bluegrass Related Sites

Northern Illinois Bluegrass Association, lots of information jams, and bands in Illinois

Intermountain Acoustic Music Association

Hatfields Bluegrass Links
Lots of good links here many resources.

Bluegrass Connection
Performers, vendors, links, festivals

My Favorite Music Sources by Shawn Futrell
Page of links, and some music. Stop in and visit.

Old Time Music Homepage
The Old Time Music Home Page is a web site devoted to the preservation of American traditional music, especially the music of the Appalachian Mountain region. Though most popular between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, this music is still very much alive today, thanks to a devoted community of talented musicians.

Dr.Horsehair Music Co
This is a clawhammer and minstrel style banjo website done very well. Included is a history of the banjo page, that is almost a must reading for any banjo enthusiast. Minstrel and clawhammer styles preceeded the bluegrass style that is embraced by many of us, its always nice to know how things became what they are.

Bluegrass World
Lots of information here, lists of festivals, real player shows. Great site for Bluegrass enthusiasts

RealPlayer Sites I Recommend

As I have written in a few places on this site, real player is used on thousands of sites on the web, here are some of my favorite sites that use this format. You can listen to many good shows over the web. If you havent yet downloaded the free plug in,click here. Its absolutely free and easy to use.

King Pup Radio Hour
This is one of my favorite old time country show websites. Bluegrass, Folk a real country flavor. I highly recommend this site

New real site featuring many kinds of music including a large selection of Bluegrass artists and progressive Banjo pickers such as Bela Fleck

Into The Blue
Bluegrass Radio. Lots of information as well as several bluegrass shows to listen too.

Bluegrass World
Lots of information here, lists of festivals, real player shows. Great site for Bluegrass enthusiasts

Bluegrass And Related Newsgroups

Newsgroups are a great source of information and
contacts with many knowledgable people.
Much of the information I post here is gleaned from these newsgroups.
For those of you who may not be familiar with a newsgroup,
think of it as a bulletin board where you can post questions, or answer questions on related subjects.

Alt. Banjo
Music Country Old Time
Music Folk Tablature
Alt. Music. Bluegrass

Other Sites Of Musical Interest

These sites all have music samples of original work on real player

One of my other great musical endeavors is that of writing music, I like many folks are creating wonderful musical works and trying to get them out into the world at large. Its a difficult task, last year there were almost 34,000 cds released. Of those nearly 17,000 were independant artists. Trying to be heard in that great sea of collective work is not easy. Listed in this area are a few of my contemporaries. Most of them are not only songwriters but performing artists. All of them are talented and friendly folks, well worth visiting.

My other website with all original music and lyrics many genres

My co writer a very talented lyricist. Published poet, and songwriter as well as a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association

Karen Pendleys Page, this a very impressive young woman. Shes appeared on the Grand Ole Opry and has been a staff player and featured performer at the Nashville Palace. Be sure to visit her site.

 Karen Pendley Songwriter Singer Fiddle Player

Fiddle, penny whistles, guitar, accordian and banjo, its got to be Irish Folk these guys do it well

 Pipers Wine Irish Folk Music Link

Irene Jackson has written music for tv, shes well known around the web as gifted and a songwriter guru. Very talented lady

 Irene Jackson Songwriter Artist Link

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