Updated April 25 2009

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Banjo Manufacturers

Bart Reiter Banjos

Bart Rieter Banjos
Replica Banjos

Capek banjo

Capek Banjos

Cookie Tin Banjos

deering banjo

Deering Banjos

Epiphone Banjos


Fender Banjo


Bob Flesher Custom And Replica Banjos

gourd banjo

Gourd Banjos, by D Hyatt

Gibson Banjo


riverboat kit banjo

Musicmakers Kits

Ome Banjo

Ome Banjo Company

ramsey banjo

Ramsey Banjos

Romero Banjo

Romero Banjos

Steamboat Electric Banjo

Steamboat Banjos

Stealth Banjo

Stealth Banjo

Stelling Staghorn Banjo

Stelling Banjo Company

Tyler Banjo

Tyler Mountain Banjos

Wunder Banjos

Wunder Banjos
Replica 18th and 19th century banjos

For help in determining origins of odd banjos check out this page
Wayne Normans List of Oriental Banjos